Focus T25 5-Day Quick Start


I started my journey of Beachbody’s newest and hottest workout, Focus T25, on July 1st.

Beachbody wants to help people lose weight and become successful. They are trying to fight the obesity epidemic in America. Having said this, with each of their programs, you won’t only receive DVDs and make you figure out everything yourself. Each program comes with a meal plan, a quick start (a week-long start to help you get the greatest results before you start the program), measuring tape, cards to help write your goals and progress, as well as a schedule of what workouts to do for that day/week/month. On top of that, there is 24/7 online support, there is a meal plan on beachbody’s website, and now there are coaches to help you stay motivated and be your personal cheerleader. Each program is different because sometimes you do receive resistance bands, but it depends on which program you’re doing and if you’ll be using them within the program.

Focus T25 is the latest workout by Beachbody. The great thing about this program is every workout is 25 minutes long and you’ll get an hour’s worth of results. There are a total of 10 discs and the program is 10 weeks long. It is for all fitness level fitness levels and there is a modifier, Tania, who has been in every Shaun T.’s workout. This program is specifically made for those short on time. Everyone has 25 minutes to spare! That is shorter than a 30-minute television program!

The one thing I noticed about Focus T25’s meal plan compared to other Beachbody programs, they made it really simple. There are 5 meals a day; 2 snacks that are about 100 calories each, and 3 meals that are about 300 calories. Each meal consists of 5 ingredients and they’re ingredients you’ve heard of, nothing out of the norm. Nothing complicated and it’s very straight forward. It is not vegan or vegetarian friendly, unfortunately. Each day you consume about 1,200 calories.

Every morning for breakfast you drink a meal replacement shake, such as shakeology. The meal plan gives you really yummy recipes to prevent boredom. My favorite was the peanut butter cup shakeology! I have chocolate and with a little peanut butter and coconut milk beverage, oh it is heaven! Who’d knew meal replacement shakes could be so delicious, and yet so good for you?

Other foods include turkey sandwiches, salads, deviled eggs (my favorite!), fish, and an avocado veggie burger (another favorite). Snacks include fruits, hard-boiled eggs, chicken and cheese, and so on.

1,200 calories is not a lot for certain people, and it is essentially set up for a crash diet. I followed the meal plan as diligently as possible but there were days when I felt really faint and needed more calories. The meal plan says, “You’ll be hungry within the next five days, which is normal but just because you’re hungry, doesn’t always mean you need food. If you feel faint, lost of concentration, you are welcomed to double up your snacks that are provided.”

Today was the fifth day for me. I don’t count my calories, I never really did, because it’s tedious and you also don’t know how many calories are in certain things, anyway, unless you know macronutrients. Realistically, I don’t think counting calories are the best way to go about things.

I will say, the first few days I was hungry and it was hard to stick with the meal. It was especially hard going to bed hungry. I don’t know about a lot of people, but I need something in my stomach to help me sleep better. I ignored my hunger pangs right before bed and woke up slimmer. There is a plus side of going to bed hungry, but it is rough!

Now that it’s the fifth day I feel my body has adapted to the 1,200ish calorie meal plan. The meals are filling me up and I am content. I think the biggest issue with me, is that I like to eat until I am full. I’m not used to eating until I’m slightly full, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

As far as the workouts go, I worked out to 5 different DVDs, 1 workout per day.  When you workout to these DVDs, Shaun teaches you the moves, then it progressively gets harder. The last 10 minutes of the workout is called the “burn out”, which Shaun makes you do everything you’ve learned in that DVD and to maximize each workout so you’re feeling the burn.

Alpha Cardio was on Monday. It’s purely cardio but I felt there was a lot of lower body resistance with lots of squats and lunges. If you have bad knees like me, you can always modify and watch Tania. You still get a really good workout by modifying. This workout was no joke.

 Alpha Speed 1.0 was on Tuesday. This was my favorite workout of all 5 DVDs. It reminded me a lot of Insanity. There was a lot of interval training but with stretches between each interval, which was really nice. The really nice surprise was burpees in this DVD. We all LOVE burpees!😉 Actually, I may becoming fond of them. Wait, did I just say that?!😉

 Alpha Total Body Circuit was on Wednesday. This workout was tough. It says what the title suggests—a whole body workout. There are a lot of push-ups, spider push-ups, planks, etc. If you’re like me and do push-ups on the side, do not do them before this workout. It kills ya.

 Alpha Ab Intervals was on Thursday. This is a real ab killer workout. It is probably more intense than P90X’s Ab Ripper X. There are a lot of planks, superman, push-ups, etc. It’s intense and your core will feel it after this workout!

 Alpha Lower Focus was on Friday. Just as the name suggests, there was a lot of lower focus on your legs. There were a lot of squats and lunges.

So far, I feel these workouts really target the lower body and core, which is nice. I feel the only time you get an upper body workout is in the Total Body Circuit. I wish there was more incorporation with upper body. There was one workout where we did jabs and uppercuts, and I forgot which one that was!

These workouts are intense and only 25 minutes long. Honestly, I feel I didn’t get the best workout. I’m not sure how these next 10 weeks will play out but I am hoping they get more intense and will bring better results.

I will start the 10-week program on the 8th. If you want to join my team and me, you can message me and I can add you to the facebook group! We are all in it together and we are all going to help motivate each other.

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