Why Am I Not Losing Weight Fast Enough with Focus T25?

I get a lot of traffic on my blog. I probably get about fifty+ visitors, if not more, everyday searching for Focus T25. The most searched topic is the 5 day meal plan. I had that up for a few weeks, but I took it down due to people stealing it without giving me proper credit. It took a long time to type everything out and I did it to help others, not to be ripped off. It truly irked me. I’ve decided that if you have the DVD, then get out your 5-day quick start and type it out/read it yourself. I may be overreacting, but it’s not okay with me.

It was brought to my attention that someone was on my blog wondering why they are not shedding enough weight as they’d like while on Focus T25. There may be a number of reasons for this, but this is what I think:

1. You’re eating too much or taking in too many calories than what your body can naturally burn a day. Diet is far more important than the workout. There is a saying that goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.” I can attest to this, even though my abs are not visible yet. You can workout as much as you want and eat like crap and not lose a single pound. Again, I can attest to this. When I started working out, I thought, “Hey, I’m working out, I can eat whatever I want!” The brutal truth is, you can’t eat whatever you want. You have to have a strict regimen and be really determined. People can lose 100 pounds in just several months if they’re doing everything correctly, but if you are not eating right and/or consuming more than what you are naturally burning, you will gain weight or not lose weight fast enough.

2. You’re not pushing yourself. Your workouts, are your own. It’s up to you how hard you want to work or how little you want to do. I’m a regular gym-goer and I see regulars in classes. I don’t know their stories or their goals, but I have a feeling most want to lose weight. When I see them in class, some don’t put enough or any effort into their workouts. They seem to give up too easily. Of course, it’s none of my business, but it kind of makes me sad in a way. The thing about working out is, you develop a relationship with it. Yes, burpees suck, but I do them because if they weren’t effective, why did the trainer put it in? Just get over it and do it. With anything in life, there’s always going be things we don’t like to do and are unavoidable, but we have to do them, like washing dishes, for an example. Once you silence that negative voice of “I don’t want to do it” or “I can’t do it”, you will see results. It’s your workout. You work as hard as you want.

3. Be patient. You did not gain 40 pounds overnight. Just as it is with losing weight. You are not going to lose 40 pounds overnight. It takes patience. If you’re working out to only look good, you’re not going to last. I hate to say that, but it’s so true. People who only want to look good, will not see results as fast as they like, so they quit.

4. You’re not sleeping enough. Sleep is crucial for our health. It is the time when our bodies are recovering and repairing itself. On top that, we are burning a lot of calories. If you are not sleeping enough, hormones get thrown off, you gain weight, etc., etc.

5. You’re too stressed. Stress causes weight gain. Most people eat when they’re stressed because food is comforting. Try and relax and be stress-free. I know Focus T25 is only 25 minutes long, but if you didn’t feel like you got a good workout, you can still go running or walking, or do any other exercise for a distraction and for good mental health.

6. Focus T25 may not be enough. If you’re already fit, T25 is not a huge calorie burner, I’ve noticed. I’ve seen a number of photos of calories burned after a Focus T25 workout and a lot of people are burning 250+ calories. It all varies between person to person, because it depends on our height, weight, genetics, gender, age, and so on. If you’re 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, you may only burn about 250 calories, if that. If you feel like you’re in this position, by all means, do another workout.  If you are not as tall, you burn less. For me, I probably only burn 100 calories, or less, only because I am really petite.

7. You may be plateauing. If you are not seeing the scale move, you have to either eat more, eat less, go harder on your next workout, or do another workout, or rest. Listen to your body. If you are showing signs of overtraining, you need to rest. I overtrained with Focus T25 earlier in my program. I took a week off because I needed to.

8. You may not be eating enough. If you are following the 5-day quick start, it may not be enough food for you. 1,200 is low for a lot of people. It may be too low for some, so definitely eat more. Don’t chips and junk, eat real food. Eat yogurt with an apple. Or drink your Shakeology!  I will say, when I did the 5-day quick start, I lost a lot of  fat but muscle as well. I was really concerned about my muscles. I think it was because I wasn’t eating enough. Even though the 5-quick start is a 1,200 calorie meal plan, depending on your age, gender, height, weight, you need more than 1,200 calories. I would heavily advise seeing your physician or nutritionist (if you have one) and talk to them what a good meal plan would be good for you.

These are all that I can think of at the moment.

I’ll be honest, I think Focus T25 is intermediate, it’s not advanced (yet) and I’ve done very hard workouts in the past (e.g., body combat, boxing, boot camps, spinning, etc.) but the weight has not come off as easily as it has been since doing Focus T25. The only reason for that, is because I cleaned up my diet very well and I’ve been going to bed slightly hungry. It’s not easy, but if you want to get the body you’ve always wanted, you will find ways to do make it work without starving yourself (don’t ever do this.) or hurting yourself in any way.

If any of you have any questions or comments about anything, please do not hesitate to ask me. I’ll always answer to the best of my ability and knowledge. Find me on Facebook, leave a comment, e-mail me. I’m here.

25 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Losing Weight Fast Enough with Focus T25?

  1. All excellent advice! My bad is not getting enough sleep. But it makes SO much difference!! Also there was an article in the TImes recently about how when you are sleep deprived your brain activity is affected to the point where you crave sugar and carbs, and make bad food choices.

  2. Thanks for this information! I think my problem is the calories. I am 5’4″ and i weight 148 pounds. I am currently eating about 1200 calories a day. I thought of 1200 since I work on a desk and my activity is so low. How can I know how many calories are appropriate for me?

    • Hello! I’m glad people are finding this entry informative.:) As for your question, you want to know your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is how many calories you would burn if you were idle the whole day. By knowing this you would know roughly how many calories are appropriate for you, as everyone is different.

      There are a lot of websites to help you figure out your BMR, just like your BMI (Body Mass Index). Keep in mind these websites are a rough estimate and definitely not to be followed strictly. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      Thanks for stopping by.:)

  3. Such a good article, thanx.
    I have one question, how do you think doing Focus T25 with Intermittent fasting? Coz It’s difficult to me to follow the instruction meal T25. I’m Indonesian, almost all foods in here is fried in palm oil.

    Thanx before

    • Hello, thanks for stopping by! I am probably not the best person to ask, but I don’t recommend fasting. When you fast, you actually slow your metabolism, so it’s doing the opposite of what you would like. My suggestion is to eat as well as possible. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Just do the best you can!:)

  4. I’m having such a hard time. I started this week and am starving and eating more. Not eating bad but just hungry and am snacking more whether it’s pistachios or an apple. Just constantly need something to eat

    • Hello. It’s always the hardest at first and you will naturally feel hungry but it does get easier, and your body starts to adapt. Hang in there. If you are starving, please eat more. I suggest whenever you eat, you should have protein, carbs, and healthy fats together. That will help you feel more satisfied. If you have questions or anything, feel free to shoot! Good luck!

  5. My BMR is 1329.313645.calories but on an average i consume 1100 calories. Yet i am not loosing weight at the desired rate. I am doing T25. What to do? I really want to get fat off my belly.I am also using fat burner Grenade. Please help !

    • Hi! The only way to lose body fat is to eat a sensible diet, do cardio, and weight training. You also may be consuming too few calories… Also, just as you slowly gained weight, you will also be slow to lose it, but never give up. It’s a very long journey, but it’s totally worth it!!!!

  6. I’m a female 56 years old 4’9″ working out with t 25 for 3 months weighed in at 82 lbs now I’m 84 lbs.I ddon’t want to gain weight why is this happening….

    • It’s probably because you’re gaining muscle mass. Muscle weighs heavier than fat and is also leaner. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the more toned you’ll look.

  7. I’m fit, but not as tone as I used to be. I am in week 3 of t-25 and have seen no results! The workouts are hard and I’m sweating, but I have lost NO weight. I’m getting frustrated – please help!

    • Hi Charly,

      Results do vary from workout to workout. I didn’t lose very much with T-25 either. I’m not sure exactly what your whole situation is, but don’t give up. Since you say you are fit, maybe the workout is too easy for you? Maybe you want to throw in another workout on top of T-25 to revv up your metabolism. Keep in mind that weight isn’t just body fat, it’s literally everything inside your body. The best way to go about to see if you’ve lost weight is to measure yourself, and maybe you are doing that. It is more accurate and efficient than weighing yourself.

      Another possibility is that you’re probably gaining muscle. Muscle weighs heavier than fat, but do not get discouraged by the numbers on your scale. You are far more important than those numbers. I understand your frustration, but experiment a little. Eat a little less one day, do two workouts in one day, rest for a couple of days, drink more water… But whatever it is that you do or what ends up working for you, do not ever give up.

      Feel free to message me with any more questions or comments!

  8. Nice advice! I’m 5’2 and is 123 lbs. I weighed myself earlier and it was 121lbs, although I don’t think the one that I was using is accurate enough. I am pretty toned enough, but the belly fat is just too unproportioned for my body. I need to eat 1600 calories a day, and rice is a ALWAYS a part of my diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I saw some articles that said it can hinder belly fat loss. I am on Week 2, day 4 and I haven’t seen results yet. I will measure myself tomorrow morning to see. I hope I get no hate, but I’m 14. So yes, it might be me being over conscious. My mom told me not to be too wary and don’t do ShakeO yet cause I’m young. Would I actually see results from this? Please answer. Thank you!

    • Hi Xian!

      I highly commend you for working out and being so health and fitness conscious at such a young age! I love rice as well, as I am Japanese and Filipino, and since you are still so young, the rice shouldn’t affect you as much as someone who is older than you. But that’s my advice. I think your best bet would see either a doctor or a nutritionist, because everyone’s bodies are different. What works for one person, may not work for the next.

      Here are some things that I learned throughout my fitness journey: Results are not going to come over night, no matter what you do or how hard you push. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent to know what’s happening and to figure out what part of your body needs to lose fat, etc. While you may not see results on the outside, there is amazing things happening in the inside of your body. My point: Be patient when it comes to wanting to see results on the outside. Be good and kind to your body. Sometimes we hit plateau where our bodies won’t buldge at all, sometimes you need to take a break from working out because maybe you’ve been going too hard, or sometimes you need to push yourself more, but always listen to your body. If your body doesn’t feel like working out (which is different than “I don’t want to workout”), then stop.

      Again, I’m not a certified specialist nor do I have a doctorate degree, I just want to help people achieve their goals. I can’t really say “Well, this is what you need in your regimen…” As far as ShakeO goes, you can totally drink it at your age! I mean there are kids who drink it! You probably want to ask your doctor first.

      Let me know if you have any more questions or comments.

  9. Hi! I’ve just finish the first month of T25. I eat 5 balanced meals per day every 3-4 hours to work my metabolism, but I’m not seeing any results. In fact, I’m gaining centimeters (not weight) and I don’t know why is this happening. Any advice?

  10. Hi, I am on week 5 of Alpha on T25 and I haven’t lost a pound. I am kind of upset but I am going to start writting everything down that I eat. I truly hope this T25 helps me get in shape. I lost 44 pounds in 40 weeks with weight watchers but put back on like 25 pounds. I want to get in shape.

  11. I am on week 8 of t25 and have never had motivation like this in my life I am so surprised and pleased with myself and feel amazing I am not 100 with it but I do my best I am doing a Herbalife formula one shake once or twice a day depending on what’s for dinner etc…I will keep this up and not give in I’ve learned that u won’t get anywhere if u don’t push yourself my one question is how can I jumpstart more weight loss and should I repeat t25 again if I dont see the results I desire? I have lost inches everywhere and lost 8 pounds any info helps thank u:)

    • PS. I have missed like 3 workouts but just wonder if I don’t hit some of the moves 100 percent or have my form to a t If it will dramatically change results…this is my first time doing anything active and I very happy but just want to be my best

  12. I’m just starting my 3rd week of t25. I started at 255 and I’m down to 244. I travel a lot for my job. So I try to eat oatmeal in the morning. Then for lunch I’ll eat a 6″ subway healthy sub. Dinner is usually a lite meal maybe a salad with chicken in it. My question is this what’s the average weight I should be loosing per week? I figure if I can lose 5 pounds a week, and it’s a 10 week program that’s 50 pounds. Is this realistic?
    Thanks Mike

  13. Thank you for these informations! I’d appreciate a little advice/help/encouragement… I am 26 years old, female, 123.4 lbs (i converted from kios, i weight 56 kgs) and i am 687⁄64in tall (173 cms). Now, i am not fat. i am slim but do have a belly which i totally hate. i have been doing p90x3 for 2,5 weeks and just started focus t25. Due to the fact that i have very little fat (or at least I like to think so) to shred, will it be veeery difficult? after all I’ve done I can see a difference in my abs, defining, but fat is still there. i changed my diet completely, but I never go hungry tho. I eat good fats (avocados, olive oil, etc), lots of veggies, salmon, fruit, TONS of fiber (oatmeal mostly as breakfast), i eat lots of lentils, beans, quinoa, mostly breast chicken and almost never red meat, mushrooms, hummus, stuff like this. i have 4 meals/day, sometimes 5 (if I don’t skip the 2nd snack, but never dinner). mornings consist of either 1/2 avocado and 1 egg (or oatmeal, or 2 pieces of toast with banana slices), i’ve increased my proteins and eat at least 1 egg a day, maximum 3. i also eat peanut butter because i know it is a good fat but don’t overdo it. i rarely eat sweets anymore, only natural sweeteners like honey, but small quantities. Is it too early to see results?? what am I doing wrong?? havent counted my calories because i try to eat low fat. I’ve seen amazing results on other people, but barely on my body😦
    I still can’t keep up with Shaun and his crew, I get tired fast but pause, drink water and continue even if it takes me more than 25 minutes and I feel super sore (good sore) after it.
    Sorry for the long post and i do hope you will answer, i am really trying hard and want to see results. I won’t give up…but please give me some advice. Thank you!
    Long days and pleasant nights.

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