Weekly Updates

• Focus T25 is over! It’s done, it’s done, it’s done! I’m also sad it’s over.

• I will write a complete review soon and I give it 5/5. It is a solid workout.

• I can’t wait to go back to boxing class and all my other gym classes!

• I am not looking forward to the jerks at the gym, though.

• I made these earlier this week and it came out fantastic! I had fresh steamed broccoli as my side instead of french fries.

• I also made this a couple of weeks ago. It was SO good. Yum!

• When can I have apple pie? Dutch apple pie, specifically?

• The greatest thing about living on the mainland: watching live college football games in their stadiums.

• Vegan/vegetarian food options at football games is even better. Hell yes for a Portobello wrap!

12 surprising vegan foods – who knew?

Happy weekend and stay hydrated!😉

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